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As part of our National Launch Team, it is important that we be able to communicate regularly with you via email. A newsletter delivered by email is one of the best ways to accomplish that effectively. Even when using something as simple as email, however, there are many rules that we must abide by to help protect the Konkrete Company from outside forces that would seek to do harm to us, our Colleagues, and The Church as a whole. Thus, we must ask that you give us permission to send you direct news and updates about the launch and all ongoing efforts of the Konkrete initiative via email.

You should be acutely aware of the increasing evil that is taking place around us today. And, you should know that we, being Christians, are NOT supposed to use the same carnal means and tools in this world that others use. We simply cannot afford to look and act and smell like they do. That is why it is absolutely imperative that we start changing our circumstances. So, PLEASE register with us today using the form below! Working together, cooperatively and collaboratively, we will all learn how to help build and actively participate in a new Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem, which is designed to be “of The Church, by The Church, and for The Church.”

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There is no cost or obligation to join the Konkrete Company’s National Launch Team. Just register to receive the Konkrete Newsletter and we will keep you informed regarding Konkrete’s official launch date as we steadily progress towards it.

We will officially launch this amazing initiative when a sufficiently large number of Christians signal that they want to “Be Konkrete – Rock Solid – Like Jesus.” The single metric we will use to determine Konkrete’s official launch date is the total number of Christians that join the National Launch Team by registering to receive the Konkrete Newsletter.

Don’t delay. Do it today! The Church and Body of Christ needs Konkrete®.

Thank you very much, and BE BLESSED!