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Konkrete Digital Network

The Konkrete Digital Network undergirds every other Konkrete Initiative...

Facilitating rapid, clear communication between Colleagues necessitates the building of the Konkrete Digital Network. Also, maintenance of the Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem requires the archival of data and decisions in real-time for the sake of reference and posterity since human memory is frail and subject to failure. As Christians, we must do all we can to maximize excellent communication and promote strong, stable, Godly relationships within the Konkrete Community. That is why all Colleagues are required to subscribe to the Konkrete Digital Network and must agree to support the Company with the collaborative development, operation, and maintenance of the system, as they are personally able and/or subsequently empowered to do so. This helps undergird every other initiative the Company and its Colleagues undertake together through the Konkrete Business and Ministry Incubator.

The Konkrete Digital Network will consist of several key components, including numerous interactive websites; complex databases; sophisticated membership and relationship management software; online portals and social engagement systems; email and other mass communication tools; the Konkrete BlockChain Network; supporting networks of service nodes, master nodes, other digital platform architecture; and more. These integrated workings will comprise a decentralized, resilient, private network that utilizes cloud-based internet technology to link business and ministry operations within the global Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem. They will also securely preserve and manage access to information, news, and data. The end goal is to create a system that cannot be eliminated or destroyed by outside forces, natural or otherwise.

The Konkrete Digital Network will be systematically developed as all the teams of Konkrete Colleagues participating with the Company grow. The Company’s website will be limited in the beginning, so the first order of business will be to develop the more advanced software the Company needs to power a new membership and relationship management system. That work will be outsourced to professional developers and will be underwritten with general funds collected via membership fees and subscriptions to the Konkrete Digital Network. People of Faith need to create a network of uncompromising, comprehensive financial services devised specifically to serve The Church. Supporting the Konkrete Digital Network, by design, is the first unified step that all Colleagues will take toward that end.

As the Konkrete Digital Network continues to mature, additional capacity and capabilities will be added. Although the Konkrete Digital Network is not designed to become a stand-alone entity, it is expected to generate a significant return for all Konkrete Colleagues. In time, we will market reputable software products and blockchain services developed inhouse as “Konkrete as a Service” to others who need a reputable vendor. As a Faith-based company, our products and services will grow to be in high demand simply because we run our business differently than the rest of the industry.

We will be a Rock Solid™ company. The products we offer will be a Rock Solid™ service, and the returns we earn will be Rock Solid™ profits. That will all happen quite naturally as we create an honorable and just experience meant to benefit everyone involved. YES, even a software and digital services company can operate with complete integrity! That is the Konkrete Way.

No matter your background, or what other business or philanthropic units you choose to subscribe to, YOU and all other Konkrete Colleagues will be equity stakeholders in the Konkrete Digital Network. In addition, YOU and all other Colleagues will have significant autonomy as well as input into the organization, design, and operation of the Konkrete Digital Network. As a Colleague and member of The Church, part of the Konkrete Digital Network belongs to you! And, as always, the more you participate and collaborate with the Konkrete Company during the incubation process to help design, organize and promote the Konkrete Digital Network, the more you will ultimately be rewarded as a stakeholder.

Eventually, there will be great, inherent value generated as you participate with us and all other Colleagues in the Konkrete Digital Network. Together we are going to do something monumental – for you and for The Church! The more we use digital tools like this in a God-honoring and righteous way, the more we will impact our planet for Christ!


Be Blessed!


21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

[Romans 12:21; KJV; Emphasis added.]

1Invest what you have, because after a while you will get a return. 2Invest what you have in several different businesses, because you don’t know what disasters might happen. 3If clouds are full of rain, they will shower on the earth. A tree can fall to the north or south, but it will stay where it falls. 4Those who wait for perfect weather will never plant seeds; those who look at every cloud will never harvest crops. 5You don’t know where the wind will blow, and you don’t know how a baby grows inside the mother. In the same way, you don’t know what God is doing, or how he created everything. 6Plant early in the morning, and work until evening, because you don’t know if this or that will succeed. They might both do well.