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Konkrete Mortgage


Konkrete Mortgage

Konkrete Mortgage will provide Christians a prominent role of integrity and financial standing within the national mortgage industry...

Always remember that the Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem is designed to be “of The Church, by The Church, and for The Church.” Christians around the world obviously have need of numerous financial tools and services, including mortgages. However, we don’t have a need to abuse them like the rest of the world does, for unlike the world, we are no longer motivated by wholesale greed or an insatiable lust for power and riches.

As you know, Scripture clearly advises Christians to avoid taking on debt whenever possible. Scripture also instructs us to be wise, generous, and gracious, even as lenders. When managing our finances, it should come as no surprise that God’s Way is the best way. For that reason – to do things God’s Way – the Konkrete Company and its Colleagues are setting out to build a prominent, new, national mortgage company under the Konkrete® Brand. We believe it is time for People of Faith to create a network of uncompromising, comprehensive financial services devised specifically to serve The Church.

As a Faith-based company, Konkrete Mortgage will run its business differently than the rest of the industry. We will be a Rock Solid company. The mortgages we offer will be a Rock Solid service. And, the returns we earn will be Rock Solid profits. This will all happen quite naturally as we create an honorable and just experience meant to benefit everyone involved: mortgage borrowers; mortgage investors; loan originators, officers and other employees; and every other company stakeholder alike. YES, even a mortgage company can operate with complete integrity!

Konkrete Mortgage will launch, and get started as a mortgage brokerage, by assembling a large, nationwide team of Konkrete Colleagues. In order to operate nationally, the company will require the services of several thousand independent Mortgage Loan Originators (sometimes also known as Mortgage Loan Officers or Brokers), so members of the team who desire to participate as originators will be tasked with obtaining a Mortgage Loan Originator’s license. As licensed Loan Originators, members can then be legally compensated for helping to secure loans for homebuyers and commercial borrowers needing a real estate loan. The inherit value of an incredibly large team of Mortgage Loan Originators like this will be immense, and lucrative relationships will soon develop with various mortgage banks that want to fund and service the loans we originate.

Obtaining a mortgage license and becoming a loan originator with Konkrete Mortgage will be a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive business opportunity, something that almost anybody can do. To make money in the mortgage industry, you only need to be willing to invest in yourself, learn the basic ins and outs of the industry, and have a desire to work hard if you want to be paid well. If you have that kind of passion and interest, then this could be a truly great career path for you, a really lucrative side-hustle, or just the occasional gig you work on the side for a bit of pocket money. Loan origination is a perfect opportunity for anyone that likes learning, working with people, and making a difference. How much you will make of the opportunity is for you to decide. Even better, most mortgage loan origination work can easily be accomplished remotely.

As the Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem grows and matures, we anticipate that Konkrete Mortgage will evolve into a mortgage bank, raising investment capital to fund and service many of the loans it originates inhouse. Building its own loan portfolio will further solidify the company’s value in the industry and expand its revenue potential. That will also help keep the wealth of The Church working actively inside of its own economy, ultimately increasing the amount and value of all the resources being stewarded by the Christian Community!

YOU and all other Konkrete Colleagues who decide to subscribe to and participate on the team will be equity stakeholders in the company. In addition, YOU and all other Colleagues on the team will have significant autonomy as well as input into the final organization, design, and operation of Konkrete Mortgage. As a member of The Church, it will be your company!

Note that this is a collaborative effort with only 30,000 stakeholder subscriptions being offered. So, subscribe today, while team participation is still available, and together we will do something monumental – for you and for The Church! The sooner we start using tools like mortgages in a God-honoring and righteous way, the sooner we will increase the impact we have on this planet for Christ!

Konkrete® – Rock Solid – Like JESUS!

Be Blessed!


7The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

10By pride comes nothing but strife, But with the well-advised is wisdom. 11Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase. 12Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.

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