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Konkrete Insurance


Konkrete Insurance

Konkrete Insurance will help bring peace of mind back to all in this uncertain world who suffer from poor access to proper, affordable insurance...

Konkrete Insurance is on the way!

Everyone needs insurance. There is no question about that. However, as Christians, we should stop to ask, “What types of insurance should I have, how much coverage do I need, and where should I purchase the policies?” Why? Because in no way should we ever look, act or smell like the rest of the world – even when buying insurance. That is why the Konkrete Company and its Colleagues are building a new, national insurance company under the Konkrete® Brand. We believe it is time for People of Faith to create a network of uncompromising, comprehensive financial services devised specifically to serve The Church as well as others in need.

Konkrete Insurance will get underway by first assembling a large, nationwide team of Konkrete Colleagues. These Colleagues will NOT be expected to sell insurance policies. They will NOT be required to call on prospective customers to analyze their insurance needs, and they will NOT ever be asked to upsell or pressure existing customers. Rather, they will have the simple task of making other members of The Church aware of Konkrete Insurance’s services for themselves, as well as how to properly use them to minister to other people. They will accomplish that primarily by word of mouth. Doing so will help continually introduce more and more Christians to Konkrete Insurance as part of the Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem.

As the company matures, Konkrete Insurance is expected to become a large mutual insurance company providing insurance services throughout the USA. In addition, we expect the company will represent several lines of insurance including: Property; Casualty; Life; Health and Disability. For the sake of comparison, we believe Konkrete Insurance will initially emulate the general business concepts adopted by Lemonade, Inc., except we will likely have an expanded offering to more fully address the insurance needs of the Christian Community, and we will not replace necessary human decision making and discernment with weighted computer algorithms.

In time, Konkrete Insurance will begin to develop and underwrite its own insurance products, working directly with reinsurers to do so, like every other major insurance company. However, as a Faith-based company, Konkrete Insurance will always run its business differently than the rest of the industry. We will be a Rock Solid™ company. The insurance products we offer will be a Rock Solid™ service. And, the returns we earn will be Rock Solid™ profits. That will all happen quite naturally as we create an honorable and just experience meant to benefit everyone involved. YES, even an insurance company can operate with complete integrity! That is the Konkrete Way.

YOU and all other Konkrete Colleagues who decide to subscribe to and participate on the Konkrete Insurance team will be equity stakeholders in the company. In addition, YOU and all other Colleagues on the team will have significant autonomy as well as input into the final organization, design, and operation of Konkrete Insurance. As a member of The Church, it will be your company! The more you participate and collaborate with the Konkrete Company during the incubation process to help design, organize and promote the company, the more you will ultimately be rewarded as a stakeholder.

Note that this is a collaborative effort with only 40,000 stakeholder participation subscriptions being offered. So, subscribe today, while team participation is still available, and together we will do something monumental – for you and for The Church! The sooner we start using tools like insurance in a God-honoring and righteous way, the sooner we will increase the impact we have on this planet for Christ! That is a doubly prudent thing to do.


Be Blessed!


3A prudent person sees evil and hides himself, But the naive proceed, and pay the penalty.

12A prudent person sees evil and hides himself; But the naive proceed, and pay the penalty.